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  • Consultative approach

    the writer stands by you, collecting the requirements and making adjustments until you are satisfied.

  • Benefit from the expertise

    we have years of experience in CV creation and know what it takes to produce a CV that withstands the competition and exceed the employers’ expectations.

  • Get more results

    professionally done resumes excel in content and presentation, which means better outcomes from a job search for you.

  • Timely service

    we understand the urgency of your job search. Receive your brand new CV in 1-5 days, up to the deadline chosen by you.

  • Sweet deals

    at a very affordable investment, we guarantee a high quality of writing and support from qualified experts in HR and CV writing fields.

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    placing an order takes 10 minutes. Stay in touch with the writer anytime it’s convenient for you, and enjoy the instant service from our support team.

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Recruiters spend around six seconds on each CV, and the number of CVs for most job postings accounts for hundreds. Under these circumstances, having a quality, flawless CV becomes a necessity. The better your application looks and exposes your achievements and competencies, the more interview calls you will end up getting.

Luckily, now you don’t have to be a guru in writing to enjoy the benefits of a strong, persuasive CV. Our writing team is willing to prepare a winning CV for you. We staff dozens of experienced writers and HR consultants who leverage industry expertise and advanced writing skills to make your competencies shine.

With the thorough knowledge of top resume writing practices, result-oriented writing, keywording, formats and design, the CV maker will play up your strengths and downplay the shortcomings. To provide the writing of superior quality, we carefully handpick only the most qualified professionals. Get a CV that humblebrags about your accomplishments, passes the software screening and impresses the most skeptical hiring managers.

How does the
process work?

Our clients are busy professionals. So, we’ve maximally optimized the process for your convenience:

  • Place an order

    Attach any information that can help the writer to prepare a killer CV for you – an old CV, job listing, letters of recommendation, certificates, etc.

  • Stay in touch with the writer.

    Your consultant will reach out to you if they need to evaluate your background better or need clarification. Cooperation with the writer helps us produce a CV that exceeds your expectations.

  • Download a completed file.

    We’ll deliver your CV in a .doc file which you can edit and update. Think that the written CV could use some improvements? You’ll have 14 days to request changes free of charge.

The types of service
we offer

We offer a full range of CV services, from consulting only to the thorough preparation of a brand-new document for you. Choose among the following options:

  • Writing

    includes the creation of an original CV from scratch, based on the instruction you provide. The writer works on all elements of the document – writing style, content, format, structure, keywords, and design. The written CV is never posted or shared online, and you are granted 100% rights for the document.

  • Editing

    includes making corrections into the original file. A CV corrector fixes minor grammar and punctuation mistakes, improves word choice, strengthens the career summary and makes your accomplishments more prominent. This service also includes improving design and formatting.

  • Review

    the writer critically analyzes your CV and gives detailed recommendations on what should be improved to maximize its efficiency. You’ll get a detailed email covering suggestions pertaining to content, writing style, structure and format, presentation, and more. This is a consultative service – our CV expert doesn’t change anything in your CV but only makes suggestions.

How does the writer
work on your CV?

Unless you’re a professional in recruitment, it’s hard to objectively evaluate the quality of your CV. You may believe that your application document looks fine whereas it is missing some critical points which prevent you from being shortlisted. A CV expert highlights the most prominent elements of your career history, maximizing your chance of getting noticed. Here’s exactly how the writer works on your CV:

Information gathering and research

Once you’ve placed an order, the writer will get in touch with you to ask additional questions to better understand your background. You’ll be asked to provide more details about your education, work history, accomplishments, and career goals. The writer will also research your target employers and industry resources to produce a CV that meets the employers’ expectations.

Choosing the structure and format

The resume format and order of section is a skeleton of your CV. Although in most cases chronological resume format is a go-to option, there are exceptions. The writer will choose the resume format that works best for your unique career story and goals. They will also place the sections and pieces of content in a way that exposes your career history in the most effective way.

Highlighting your relevant experience

The experience section is the most important in your CV, and the hiring people spend most of their time on it. Not only your bullet points should give a big picture of your professionalism and accomplishments, but also they should be written in an engaging, eye-catching way. Through result-oriented writing and heavy use of strong action verbs, your CV maker will show off the most amazing highlights of your career.

Adding a few accomplishments

Responsibility-driven resumes are faceless. They make you look like everyone else applying for the same job. What makes you unique is accomplishments and results – the statements describing how you exceeded expectations, reached company goals and made a tangible contribution. Tell the writer about the amazing things you’ve achieved, and they will incorporate them into your CV in an attention-grabbing way.

Starting with a strong summary

A summary statement, career highlights or objective are written to capture the reader’s attention from first sight and encourage them to read the rest of your CV. The writer will come up with a strong introduction, packing it with your biggest achievements and top skills. They will write a highly focused summary with the employer’s goals in mind to help you come across as the most suitable candidate.

Inserting high-value keywords

Keywords help your CV pass the screening and ensure that it gets reviewed by a human recruiter. Moreover, if your CV contains all the needed keywords, it gets high ranking from the ATS and ensures an even closer consideration of your application. Send us a job listing, and the writer will add relevant keywords and optimize the CV for the screening software.

Improving layout and design

First impressions matter. Not only the CV content should be informative and relevant, but also its looks need to capture the reader’s attention. A CV pro will use neat and accurate formatting for your CV, making the text easy to skim through and leaving enough white space for better readability. Moreover, the writer will use design elements to guide the reader’s eye through the crucial elements of your CV, helping your key selling points to get noticed.

Get assisted by a
British CV expert

Our CV creators know the ins and outs of the labor market in the UK. Your CV will be done in accordance with the local standards to exceed the expectations of the best employers. If you are located outside of the UK – in France, Germany, Canada, or Australia – we’ll assign your CV to a local writer to achieve consistency in content and writing style.

100% custom writing

Relying on the resume builders and templates is not the best idea simply because everyone else on the internet are using them. And there’s every chance that your CV will sound like dozens of other CVs sent to the same company. Our agency offers unique writing from scratch and doesn’t tolerate plagiarism. The writer will pour the wealth of CV expertise and exceptional writing style to show your uniqueness and put your strengths into the spotlight.

Cheap CV writing services

Forget the exorbitant fees that some other companies charge for CV writing. Thanks to the online model, we keep our prices affordable while staying true to our philosophy of high-quality writing. Use the price calculator to see your final price in advance and contact us on chat for your welcoming 20% discount.

97% of customers leave satisfied

With our guarantees, you can rest assured that your demands will be heard and your expectations met. We offer 14 days of free revisions in case the first draft doesn’t fully meet your requirements. Our writers deliver all orders on time – and if we don’t, we’ll refund your payment. Still hesitating? Take a look at the testimonials and see what our previous customers had to say.

Innovative CV types

Want to go beyond the good old text CV? We offer help with graphic CV types as well. An infographic CV, which is rich in images, charts, and pictures will draw the attention of the hiring person, show your creative side and get you noticed. Partner with an experienced graphic designer who will develop a strong visual story and develop an exclusive CV design for you. This option is particularly recommended for professionals in digital and creative industries, such as copywriters, designers, programmers, marketers, etc.

Our knowledge works to your advantage

Recruiters are flooded with CVs these days and have short attention spans. Hence, the task of getting noticed and shortlisted gets tougher and turns into a real challenge. Don’t falter your career progression because of the mediocre CV that undersells your potential. Let our expertise work to the advantage of your job search. Sit back and relax while your CV is being prepared by the top experts in career writing.