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Tiny CV mistakes can cost you big opportunities. A professional editor will perfect your CV, helping you impress the best employers.

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Why order to edit
my CV professionally?

  • Impress at first sight

    error-free, neat CV sends a subtle message of your high attention to detail and professionalism. Our editing wizards help you make this kind of impression.

  • Zero mistakes

    your CV should be packed with skills and accomplishments, not errors. We will fix each and every shortcoming so that nothing distracts the reader from your core message.

  • Attention to detail

    our handpicked team of MA and PhD editors will spot and fix a full range of writing issues – even those you didn’t know existed.

  • In-depth editing

    get more than fixing obvious writing flaws. We rework the logical flow, structure, and design so that everything looks spotless.

  • Quick turnaround

    some jobs need to be applied for urgently. Receive an updated CV in less than 24 hours and never miss on great opportunities.

  • Caring support

    our human consultants always have your back. Drop us a line to choose a service, place an order or resolve a technical issue.

CV editing service that
makes a difference

Impressing the picky recruiters and hiring manager gets more challenging year over year. Even the minor mistakes and shortcomings may force them to put your CV away. In the situation when you need a new job urgently and want to get noticed, a professional editor can make a go of your job search.

The purpose of a CV editing is to correct minor mistakes that may draw the reader’s attention away from your experience, skills and accomplishments. Getting those errors fixed makes your application more appealing to the target employers and encourages them to spend more time reviewing it. Your chances for an interview grow accordingly.

There are no secondary things when it comes to the success of your CV. Don’t let the occasional typo, misplaced word or messed up formatting to stand between you and your dream employment. Our meticulous editor will thoroughly rework every aspect of your CV, letting your professional strengths shine.

Three main reasons
to check my CV

Even if you firmly believe that nobody can write a CV better than you, it makes sense to have it reviewed by a professional writer before posting it online or applying for jobs. Here’s why:

Shorten the unemployment period

often, it’s the mistakes in your CV that prevent you from getting interviews you deserve. Wrong word choice, poor grammar and inconsistent punctuation might turn off the hiring managers. As the CV maker fixes even the tiniest mistakes, you’ll get more chances to find a job faster.

Save your precious time

CV writing is an exhausting process, and the editing is just as tedious. You might spend long hours correcting the document and trying to figure out why it doesn’t work. Give yourself a rest – a seasoned editor will do it faster and more effectively, and you’ll receive an application-ready document.

Enjoy the outstanding quality

a mediocre CV can bring you nothing but a mediocre job. The competition for the hottest openings is fierce, and your CV should be up to scratch to withstand it. A spotless, well-organized document opens the doors for more opportunities, let alone the fact that it gives you a confidence boost during interviews.

How do we work on
improving your CV?

Unlike some other CV agencies, we go far beyond fixing typos and grammar. Our editing service entails the comprehensive improvement of each element of your CV as follows:

Consistency in punctuation

There are no little things when it comes to the success of your CV. The inconsistent use of periods and misplaced commas show that you didn’t bother to give your CV a second glance or you don’t care much about getting a job. An editor will polish the punctuation and make it consistent throughout the document so that the writing looks organized and accurate.

Word choice

Responsible for leading a new project’ and ‘Spearheaded a new project’ might mean similar things, but make a different impression on the reader. Using stronger and more precise words helps give a detailed picture of your competencies and highlights your real contribution. Your editor will replace the weak words with high-impact ones, helping you look more initiative and proactive on paper.

Grammar and spelling

Misspelled words may sound confusing, or funny, but are never efficient in persuading the recruiter that you are the person they need to interview. Writing ‘projet management’ instead of ‘project management’ and ‘pubic relations’ instead of ‘public relations’ show a lack of attention to detail. Using wrong grammar forms sends a wrong message either – you should be especially careful with grammar if English is not your mother tongue. Our CV experts do it all – ensure spotless writing that reads easily.

Writing style

If your writing style sounds too casual or, on the contrary, too sophisticated for an average HR pro, the CV maker will fix it either. The overuse of slang, using first person pronouns, informal style might indicate your poor written communication skills. And the overuse of technical terms and relying on complex words might make it difficult for a recruiter to access your qualifications. We will maintain the business English style throughout your CV.

The CV structure

Not sticking to an effective CV structure is another common mistake. The job seekers often place the CV sections in a wrong way, packing the all-important experience closer to the top of the document, list the oldest jobs above the most recent ones, or even place a summary at the end of the CV. An editor will organize the CV and use the most appropriate format that gives your strengths maximum visibility.


Results of your work that sound like ‘Reorganized a technical support department resulting in 29% increase in customer satisfaction’ can be considered as achievements. However, not the sole fact of using accomplishments is important, but it’s also crucial where you place them. An editor will put the results of your work into the spotlight, ensuring that no impressive accomplishment will leave unnoticed.

Visual presentation

The recruiter is more likely to spend more time on a CV that is formatted and designed well. Presentation is as important as the content, that’s why our editing service includes improving visual appearance. The writer will choose a readable font, add enough white space, give it a clear structure and make the entire document look neat. We will also highlight the most important facts from your career history to make them instantly visible.

Strengthening the summary

A CV summary is your elevator pitch. It needs to quickly outline your biggest strengths and accomplishments to prospective employers. If your summary fails to fulfill this mission, your editor will improve the situation. We will focus on your most notable selling points, encouraging the hiring people to read the rest of your CV and portraying you as a top candidate.

The idea of our editing service is to take your existing CV to the next level. Without rewriting the document, our specialist will improve its crucial aspects as per the most recent CV standards. As a result, your CV will look modern, communicate your strengths better and impress with its looks.

CV edited to the standards
of British English

We will assign your CV to the British professional who will edit it to the standards of British career documentation. Your checker will adapt the CV to the local standards. If you are located in Germany, Italy, Australia or Canada, we match you with an editor who understands your local job search market. Thus, we ensure the editing process in line with your professional goals and expectations.

Who is your CV checker?

Online spell checkers can fix the simplest, mechanic errors only. Our editors undergo a strict selection process – only the most competent professionals join our team. Thus, we ensure the high quality of writing and editing of all career documents. Your editor not only will fix the shortcomings in writing, but also contribute the strategic vision to make your CV flawless in all aspects and effective. You can talk to your editor directly, discuss the questionable issues and ask questions.

What makes our agency your best choice?

First of all, we keep the bar high – an editor sticks to the highest standards of business English and is willing to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Secondly, we offer fast turnaround – get a CV and letters done in less than 24 hours so that you could apply for fresh job listings the next day. And finally, our prices will pleasantly surprise you. CV editing is affordable for any wallet, and we will give you a welcoming 20% discount for the first order.

Get a curriculum vitae written online

Don’t have a CV yet? To save time and get a result that impresses, partner with our CV maker. The writer will collect your background information, understand career goals and create a custom CV that will help you reach them faster. You’ll need to fill out a questionnaire to get started. Upon the receipt of a written document, you’ll have two weeks to claim unlimited changes if necessary.

Make your job search documents shine

The statistic claims that 59% of recruiters will reject a CV containing grammar or spelling errors. And a good half of them trash CVs which are packed with meaningless clichés. It means that even the tiny errors can cut your chances of getting the job by half. Don’t sabotage your own career success. Order an expert CV editing and apply with a strong, persuasive CV.

Get a professional CV critique, for free

Not sure if your CV could use some professional help? Don’t know if it’s efficient enough for landing great opportunities? Send your application to us for a free review. A CV maker will critically evaluate your document, pointing out at its strengths and shortcomings as well as areas for improvement. We guarantee full confidentiality of your information and the free review doesn’t oblige you to make an order.