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Why hire us to
review your CV?

  • Done by a CV expert

    unlike other agencies, we don’t assign reviewing CVs to salespeople. Your CV will be evaluated by a professional CV creator in your field.

  • No templates

    we offer custom reviews. The writer checks ins and outs of your CV and responds with a detailed letter covering what works and what doesn’t. No templates – only helpful, applicable tips.

  • Cheap and cheerful

    at a very fair price, you’ll get first-hand expert advice on the creation of an effective CV. And this advice will help you land a job faster.

  • In-depth assessment

    the reviewer will carefully examine everything from choice of words and structure to tone of voice and formatting. We’ll recommend what to add and what to remove to make your CV compelling.

What is a professional
CV review?

A CV review is an expert opinion about your CV. The writer examines all-important criteria that matter for recruiters when they screen your CV, and responds to you with detailed feedback, explaining what works and what should be improved. Thus, you have full control over the way your CV looks, and can use expert knowledge to modernize and update it on your own.

Having a pro to take a look at your CV is helpful since the professionals view your CV from the employers’ perspective. Without a deep understanding of how the hiring managers scan CVs and what they pay attention to, it’s hard to compose a CV that compels and engages them to call you. And, given the fact that each job posting attracts hundreds of resumes, getting noticed turns into a real challenge.

Do you often find yourself applying for jobs that you qualify for and not getting any responses? Are you unhappy with the way your CV looks but don’t know which areas to work on? Or maybe, you simply sense that the CV doesn’t represent you well? Contact us for a review service. We will guide you through the process of improving your CV and share professional tips to help your credentials shine.

What does the writer
check in your CV?

The effectiveness of your CV depends on multiple elements. Our writer will evaluate the content, presentation, ATS optimization and more to help you take your CV to the next level:

Format and structure

It’s important not only what you write, but also where you place certain information. Recruiters typically prefer reverse chronological format, but your career situation might need a different format. We will recommend how to organize the content so as to make the document more readable and help it present your professional story. The reviewer will check if the sections are placed in the right order and suggest the most appropriate format. Also, we will take a look if your CV length justifies itself and recommend to make it shorter or longer, if necessary.

Professional experience

It’s easy to get confused when describing your professional experience. Some job-seekers describe their responsibilities and achievements so briefly that it’s impossible to evaluate their impact. On the other hand, some candidates get overly detailed about everything they’ve ever done. Thus, their important skills and experiences are lost in the husk. And someone copies job descriptions from the internet. The CV checker will pay special attention to the experience section as it’s the most important. They’ll recommend what to remove, which details to include and how to make your experience and accomplishments sound just right.

ATS compatibility

Even the great resume can fail to win you an interview because of poor ATS optimization. Attach a job listing along with your CV, and we’ll check if your CV contains the necessary keywords and shows off the qualifications required by your target employer. Also, we’ll take a look if there are any elements that might potentially prevent your CV from passing the ATS selection. For instance, some ATS don’t read applications with tables and charts correctly. We’ll give you a few hints on how to pass the resume robots easier and make it to the human review.

Results and accomplishments

Employers expect to see results and accomplishments. Job duties are secondary to them – hiring managers know, for example, what a typical car salesperson’s role entails. That’s why they want specific results, supported by figures and percentages whenever possible. For instance, “Exceeded sales target last quarter” isn’t a good example of an accomplishment. We will check if your CV has the right amount of accomplishments and if the results of your work are described effectively. We’ll also recommend where it’s best to place the accomplishments in your CV so that they don’t leave unnoticed.

CV summary/objective

Most CV objectives sound like your demands from an employer, which doesn’t help you make the right impression. And summaries are often packed with clichés such as ‘go-getter’, ‘proactive problem solver’ and more. Needless to say that such introductions to your CV distract the reader rather than sell them into what you have to offer. Your CV helper will recommend whether it’s better to use a summary or an objective in your case. We’ll give you a hint about how to strengthen a summary and which details from your professional background are better to include in it.

Design and presentation

The first impression matters, and this is when the visual appearance of your CV is crucial. A good design guides the reader’s eye to the most important information rather than distracts. The use of white space between sections, shorter sentences and skimmable formatting are essential. The reviewer will recommend how to improve each aspect of your CV’s looks. You’ll get an idea of what font to use, whether to use color and how to organize the content so as to make the document easy on the eye. As a rule, recruiters spend more time on resumes which are designed and formatted well rather than on cluttered ones.

Grammar and writing style

A good share of hiring managers simply rejects CVs with grammar mistakes and typos. And weak writing style (such as starting each sentence with Responsible for) downplays your contribution and prevents you from making a strong impression. On the flip side, strong writing helps you make a professional impression and communicates the right personality traits. We will review the writing style and give suggestions on making your writing stronger, more concise and persuasive. The reviewer will recommend strong action verbs and lets you know if your document needs further editing.

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Our CV checker will view your CV from an employer’s perspective, paying attention to the exact elements that hiring managers do. They will recommend how to fix obvious and underlying downsides of your CV and which strengths to highlight. This knowledge will give you clarity and inspiration for giving your CV a quality boost.

Why rely on our online
CV review services?

  • An extensive team of writers

    we staff a team of CV writers specializing in many industries, and your CV will be reviewed by an expert with relevant background.

  • Timely delivery

    when placing an order for CV critique, you choose the deadline and we will deliver the feedback about your CV just on time.

  • Custom, professional tips

    CV writing recommendations posted on the web are not universal. Our CV reviewer gives you practical recommendations for your unique career situation.

  • Have full control over the way your CV looks

    don’t feel comfortable entrusting CV writing to someone? Update it on your own using hands-on advice from current resume writers.

  • Affordable even for college students

    having your CV reviewed costs under $30, and student discounts are available.

  • Learn how to write better CVs

    the writing hints and strategies you’ll receive will help you write better CVs in the future.

Can someone check my
CV for free?

Our company also offers a free CV critique. The free evaluation is shorter and only covers the basic aspects of the effectiveness of your CV. A free review will give you a big picture about what works in your CV and what should be improved, without going into detail.

To get the free version of the review, simply email us your resume. Note that due to a high demand for this service it may take 2-3 business days to receive your critique. The free critique doesn’t oblige you to place an order, yet you’ll be able to receive our special 20% discount.