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  • Program Speakers


2018 ICAT Main Speakers

  • James F.Miller
    Secretary-General Deputy Director
    (USA, IEA HEV-TCP / Argonne National Lab)
    “ International cooperation on hybrid & electric vehicles under the international energy agency’s energy technology network ”
  • Osamu Shimizu
    Assistant Professor
    (Japan, University of Nagoya)
    “ Recent electric vehicle’s propulsion system ”

  • Mike Hawes
    (UK, SMMT Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders)
    “ Current status and prospects of UK's EV Industry ”
  • Jakub Bernatt
    (Poland, KOMEL)
    “ Current achievement and goals on Poland electric mobility undustry ”

  • Nuwong Chollacoop
    Head of Renewable Energy laboratory
    (Thailand, National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC))
    “ Model for xEV mix in the future to reach IEA target of fuel economy 4.4 L/100km by 2030 ”
  • Ali Izadi
    Head of Intelligent Mobility
    (Japan, Bloomberg New Energy Finance)
    “ The future of mobility ”

  • Yutak Kim
    Team Leader
    (Korea, Korea Battery Industry Association)
    “ Trend on electric car batteries ”
  • Jean-Marc DESVAUX
    Haed of Business Development, APAC
    (France, Easy Mile)
    “ Shared Driverless Transportation for the last Mile ”

  • Hyeongi Lee
    (Korea, Korea Smart Grid Association)
    “ Standardization of EV chargers ”
  • Taeil Choi
    General Director
    (Korea, Korea Electric Power Corporation)
    “ Future of electric energy and cars ”

  • Yoseop Hong
    (Korea, AeroVironment - Koam Innovation)
    “ Electric vehicles and logistics industry ”
  • Yeonguk Son
    Doctor's degree
    (Korea, Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
    “ Directions to technology development on core parts of electric vehicles ”

  • Choong Kim
    Senior Research Engineer of Eco Technology Center, R&D Division, Hyundai Motor Group
    (Korea, Hyundai Motor Group)
    “ HMG(Hyundai Motor Group) Electric Vehicle Development Status & Strategy ”