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  • ICAT Library Conference Announcement

Conference Announcement


Purpose : To facilitate exchange of advanced technology for motor laboratories in universities, national/public and private motor research centers, international motor companies and manufacturing companies, as well as building a network of cooperation between each participant.
Date : 2019. 6. 20(Thur) ~ 6. 22.(Sat)
Expected Participants : 400 Delegates from 10 countries
Venue : Kimdaejung Convention Center
Theme : Advanced Vehicle Technologies for the World without Fine Dust


◎ Lectures with experts specialized in fine dust, advanced vehicle technologies, electric vehicles, batteries and policy for vehicle and environment.
◎ Oral/Poster Session on Automobile Technology by Students and Researchers
◎ Green Car Korea 2019 (Exhibition, www.greencar.or.kr)
◎ Culture / Tour Program, etc.